14 corporate heads showcased their singing talent to raise funds for the treatment of under-privileged kids

Bengaluru, 22 July 2017: On July 22, music, fun and laughter filled the Ballroom at ITC Gardenia, Bengaluru, as 14 corporate leaders took the stage for a special fundraising event CEOs Sing For GF Kids organised by Genesis Foundation. This marked the 19th edition of the CEOs Sing event, which raises funds for the treatment for critically ill under-privileged children with heart disorders.

With Bengaluru as the hub for rock and pop music, it was no surprise that the CEOs’ repertoire leaned more towards these genres of music, along with a sprinkle of Bollywood hits. From Don McLean, Billy Joel and REM to Amy Whinehouse and Robbie Williams, the songs spanned old and new favourites. putting their heart and soul into their performance, the CEOs had the audience enthralled both, with their talent as well as their enthusiasm.

Speaking on the occasion, PremaSagar, Founder, Genesis Foundation, expressed, “It is heart-warming to witness such commitment by these industry stalwarts, which really makes the event so impactful. Their delightful performances are testament to the fact that giving can be a joyful experience. I am eternally grateful to all those who supported the cause here this evening and also urge more and more participation from corporates to further help savelittle hearts.”

It is estimated that every year eight children out of every thousand are born with heart diseases and less than 5 percent of them get optimal care on time.

Genesis Foundation helps children get the treatment they need when they need it, and it would not have been possible withoutthe support of all the corporate heads who take time out from their hectic schedules and come together to show their love along with their musical talent. The CEOs, as serious as they may appear in office, demonstrated their passion for music with graceful performances, and wove magic on stage!

The line-up of star performers included the following:

  • Arati Rao, Founder, B-Flat
  • Indira Srinivasan, Singer
  • Atul Ahuja, President, LearningPalm
  • Thomas Chandy, CMD and Chief of Orthopaedics, Hosmat Hospitals
  • Philipe Haydon, CEO, The Himalaya Drug Company
  • Sanjay Purohit, Founder & Strategy Consultant, ScaleChange Network
  • Sanjiv Sarin, Managing Director & CEO, Tata Coffee Ltd
  • Suprotik Das, Managing Director, Nordson India Pvt Ltd
  • VinodiniLulla, Trustee, CMCA
  • Suraj Mani, Founder & CEO, Suraj Mani Engineers Pvt Ltd
  • Dr Sujata Kelkar Shetty, Life Coach & Wellness Expert, Nitesh Estates
  • Sanjay Varkey, Deputy MD, Retail Shell India
  • Poornima Matthan, Head Corporate Communications, Lenovo India
  • Manoj Nair, Co-Founder & President, Novel Office Spaces






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