“Sustainability is the genesis of innovation”: Kamal Bali, Volvo Group India

169 Students Receive their Diplomas at IFIM Business School’s 21st Convocation Ceremony

 Bangalore, August 09, 2017: IFIM Business School witnessed its landmark celebration with its 21st Annual Convocation held at their campus. This year saw 169 students of the 2015-17 batch receive their post-graduate diplomas in the presence of Mr. Kamal Bali, President and Managing Director, Volvo Group India Pvt. Ltd, along with Mr. VB Padode, Chairman – Centre for Developmental Education (CDE) Society and Sanjay Padode, Secretary (CDE).

Mr. Sanjay Padode, Secretary, Centre for Development Education welcomed the guests and congratulated the graduating students. “As the employment industry is ever evolving with room for improving quality and profitability standards, the eligibility criteria of hiring people also keeps changing. Organizations now look for the skills and experience of an individual, while also keeping the students’ grades as a benchmark. The onus now lies on the Institute to adapt to teaching methods that encompass industry exposure through live research projects, internships and personality enhancement activities. Only then will educational institutions prove their worth by creating job ready professionals,” he said.

Chief Guest Mr. Kamal Bali said, “I am glad to be part of this ceremony where I see great enthusiasm in young minds. This enthusiasm along with innovation is the key to success. Innovation led to the growth of businesses which acted as a differentiator between the developed world and the developing world. A good framework of regulations gave rise to an idea-led market, which in turn provided a platform for innovative digital companies to grow. The Government’s vision to shape a new, confident and aspirational India which is going to be led by youth, requires advanced skill training and education.

The technological progress in the past three decades is phenomenal and the future of the country is largely dependent on young Indians taking over the reins of this transformational journey. The youth must realize their opportunity, power and responsibility and each one of us are capable. Through calculative risks and creativity, we can achieve the complete utilization of talent in the country.”

The convocation was also attended by dignitaries from the corporate world, the Board of Governors of IFIM, the alumni of the Institute and proud parents of the graduating batch, which included both regular and executive PGDM students.

The convocation concluded with celebration by the graduates who are ready for a new start of professional life and their proud parents.

The following Awards were given out to the top students

PGDM Topper

Akanksha Ranaut

PGDM Functional Area – Marketing

Anita Gandhi

Best Girl

Kanika Ravindra Jhala

PGDM Functional Area – Finance

Vignesh V

 Best All Rounder Performance

Royden Dias

IIP Award

Soni Pankajkumar Hiralal

PGDM (Finance) Topper

Padmanabhuni Leela Kiranmai

Best CSR

Akanksha Apurva

EPGDM (Business Analytics) Topper

Palash Kumar Saphui

PGDM II Shift Topper

Debasish Mishra

Functional Area HR Topper

Akanksha Ranaut





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